Saturday, January 3, 2009

     "Home again, home again" after four wonderful days visiting Sally at her school.  Got a complete tour of the main building today after taking Chevy (Golden Lab belonging to Development Director) around campus.  Last night we met Michael (one of Sally's former students at the Klingenstein Program) and his wife  Sonia, teachers at Deerfield, for burgers and wine at the Deerfield Inn.  Before we left, a blond cat was found whining on the front porch. Because of the extreme cold, we finally gave in and brought the poor thing inside and put him/her in the downstairs bathroom with a bowl of milk, some food, and some kitty litter.  After waking up this morning, I put the cat outside again (the temp was almost 40).  We found out later that "Doc" was indeed the barn cat in the horse barn next to Sally's house.  Nice cat, good experience, knowing we'd done a good thing.
During my stay in Greenfield we didn't do anything special (other than last night's dinner and one with Pam & Ben Benson on Thursday) but it was great just to "hang out" with Sally and pretend - at least for a few days - that we were actually a "normal" married couple living under the same roof.  Abnormal as it may be, it is what it is, and we're doing pretty well with it. We'll continue to see each other - either here or there - as often as we can throughout the year.
What with a professional day on Monday and midterm exams next week, I've got my work cut out planning to help the kids prepare for exams, then grades, comments and faculty meetings.  I may not be posting every day, but I'll try.

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