Saturday, January 24, 2009

     Well, we did get to break our faculty meetings early enough to see the pre-inauguration festivities, including Aretha, Yo-Yo, and others.  Even though the John Williams piece was "Millie Vanilla'd," it was still spectacular, and I did snivel all the way through it, just the way I had thought I would.  The entire faculty broke out in applause at various parts of the ceremony, lending to the spirit of community and unity alluded to in Obama's speech.  Oh happy day!
     Perhaps it's just my imagination, but I've sensed a reaction to the inauguration that is palpable in the "outside world" as well as within our small school community.  People for whom I hold a door open, for instance, seem to be truly grateful and friendly when they say, "Thank you." and cars at the corner seem to let someone turn left before they cross the intersection.  Little things I've noticed- probably just my heightened sense of a need for us all to come together before the storm, but it is out there.  I hope it stays and grows.
     Saw "Slumdog Millionaire" last night.  In spite of a ludicrously implausible plot, the movie sucked me right in and the characters took hold of me.  I hope it gets as many Oscars as it can; it's a totally original, unique and wonderfully crafted piece of filmmaking.  I may go and see "Frost-Nixon" tonight.  This afternoon I have to video a girls' varsity basketball game at 2:30 and then get my assignments ready for next week, in addition to finishing up my 3rd and 4th grade Spanish comments.
     Sally's busy getting introduced to alumnae in Sarasota and Delray Beach today and tomorrow.  I'm watching the thermometer drop steadily toward freezing again, waiting for the weekend Times to be delivered.  As Mel Blanc would say, "Yib-yibadee-That's all, folks!"

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